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detox center in Florida: do they work?

If you or someone you know is dealing with any type of substance abuse or addiction, whether it is drugs or alcohol, getting help as soon as possible is extremely important. While there are many options for handling substance abuse, one of (if not) the most effective methods of helping addicts get over their problem is with the help of a detox center in Florida. The main goal of a detox center in Florida is to help patients overcome their physical addiction.

The typical process is centered around providing patients with an environment where there is absolutely no drugs or alcohol, so their body can naturally detoxify, but often times a detox center in Florida will provide additional services (such as therapy and counseling) so that anyone checked into the facility can better understand and subsequently overcome any triggers and causes for their dependency.

Drug addicts and alcoholics that have been using addictive substances for a long time will eventually cause a chemical imbalance within their body that forces them to rely on drugs or alcohol to produce chemical compounds in their body which can cause extreme levels of addiction. When users try to quit themselves they will almost always suffer withdrawal symptoms. These can be extremely painful (both mentally and physically) and result in extreme hallucinations, pain, tremors, sweats, cramps and nausea, and—in extreme cases—fatal heart attacks.

By checking into a detox center in Florida patients will be able to have their detoxification process monitored by professionals and, most importantly, have a safe facility to help them overcome the side effects of withdrawal. Qualified healthcare staff will be available 24/7 to provide assistance at any detox center in Florida to make sure no complications arise during the patients stay. The amount of time required in the facility will depend on the individual, how long they have been using, and how their body reacts to treatment—it can vary from as little as a 24 hour period to days, weeks, or longer.

In most cases detox centers provide detoxifying medication that can be pumped into the patient’s body, quickly removing the majority of negative toxins built up during drug or alcohol abuse. This may require the patient to be placed under anesthesia, however, as it can be quite painful.  While this is the quickest detoxification method, it should be noted that it is also expensive (and rarely covered by insurance).

For a more natural progression through detox there is what is commonly referred to as the “substitution method”. This is when patients will be tested and given a specific dosage of medication on a daily basis to help counteract withdrawal symptoms as their body naturally expels harmful toxins.

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