Does Detox work?

Does detox work for addiction?

does detox work for addiction?If you are dealing with an addicted family member, you may be wondering “does detox work”? Detoxification for drugs and alcohol can be a very effective treatment for addiction but it does have limitations. Detox is usually performed in a detox center or rehab facility where the addict can be safely monitored.

The process involves helping the addict rid his or her body of the drug toxins that have accumulated. The addict will go through withdrawal and suffer withdrawal symptoms because the body is releasing these toxins rapidly. The length of time it takes to detox depends on the severity of the addiction and how long the addict has been abusing drugs. The addict may have headaches, vomiting, agitation and even seizures from going through a detoxification.

In order to overcome addiction, the body must at some point detox from the substances that it has become tolerant to. Detoxing can help the addict remove the physical cravings for the drugs but the psychological and emotion reasons for abusing substances will still remain. That is why it is critical that the addict received therapy and counseling.

So does detox work? That will depend on the willingness of the addict to go through the detox treatment and follow up. Remember, you can only try to help your addicted loved one by providing them with the addiction resources they need. Ultimately it will be up to them to choose to detox. The sad reality is many addicts relapse many times before staying sober and clean. It may take several attempts at detoxing before you see permanent results.

Also make sure to thoroughly investigate any substance abuse treatment or detox centers and make sure they are reputable and have a good success rate. Ask many questions and be sure to visit the facility if possible.

If you are choosing a center that is out of state, it may not be feasible but you can find reviews online by doing a Google search. There are many top notch detox centers in Florida that you may want to consider. Besides having great weather, Florida is a good choice for addiction treatment because so many high quality, reputable addiction centers are located there.

Whatever you choose, rest assured that you will no longer have to wonder “does detox work?” after you have done your homework and chosen the right treatment center for your loved one.

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