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Florida recovery centerChoosing a treatment center for alcohol detoxification or drug addiction for your loved one can be difficult. You want the best place where your family member or your friend can stay and recover completely. If you are looking for some of the best facilities for alcohol or drug addiction recovery, then a Florida recovery center is the answer.

But why choose Florida recovery centers among all other treatment centers in the U.S.? Here are some great reasons:

Top specialists

Most Florida recovery centers are owned and employ top specialists in the field of substance abuse recovery that can help you with fast, safe and continuous recovery of your loved one from addiction. Recovery centers here have in-house physicians and psychiatrists who work hand in hand with patients and their families for a full and lasting recovery.

The best environment for wellness

Most Florida recovery centers are surrounded by nature which is a great feature that can help patient’s recover. Going back to nature, reducing stress and simplifying your life are ways that may help guide patients’ to recovery and to instil simplicity and wellness in their lives.

The laid-back atmosphere of Florida as they say is “conducive” to speed up a patient’s recovery, but there is no reason to hurry. Most in-house recovery centers may recommend a patient to undergo a 30, 60 or 90-day rehabilitation program. All these may depend on your doctor’s assessment of your condition.

Home away from home

You may be in treatment but it does not mean you have to miss out on the luxuries that you have at home. Most Florida recovery centers have complete amenities that will help you feel at home; from comfortable private or semi-private rooms, kitchen and dining facilities  and entertainment facilities; you will most certainly feel  comfortable and at home.

There are some restrictions however, especially when you are in a locked-in recovery program. You may not be allowed to leave the perimeter of the center as well as communicate by phone or through the Internet with your family and friends but these are all for your own good and to help you concentrate on your recovery as well. You may also have limited access to any medications; all your treatments will be delivered to you by a medical personnel; this ensures compliance to medications.

Florida may be far from where you live

If you live in another state, traveling to Florida for treatment can be helpful. Being near the community and the people who are the root cause of your dependence to alcohol and drugs will only make you more vulnerable to relapse. Being away from your family, friends and your business is a small price to pay for complete recovery. Talk to your doctor if you wish to know more Florida recovery centers for your condition.

 Why you should consider a Florida Recovery Center


June 26, 2013 |

What to Look For in an Addiction Treatment Center in Florida

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addiction treatment center in Florida If you are looking for an addiction treatment center in Florida for a family member or for a friend then you have made the right choice in taking part of his recovery. Florida is the best state to find the most suitable addiction and alcohol detox centers in the US simply because professionals here are the best in what they do. It’s hard to look for the ideal addiction treatment center in Florida since most of the establishments here offer superb amenities and expert treatment. So to help you with your choice, here are some points that you should consider in your search:

*Primary service/primary focus

In looking for an addiction treatment center in Florida you must first look at the center’s primary focus. Most would foremost say this on their home page while other treatment centers will state this on their about page. Look for a treatment center that focuses on addiction treatment/substance abuse services if you are inquiring about an addiction treatment center. If it is not certain as to whether the establishment caters to alcoholics, drug addicts or other forms of psychological disorders, contact the center before you make a decision.

*Find out their type of care

This is very important since you may be looking for an outpatient center or a treatment facility that offers in-patient services only. Remember that there are addiction treatment centers in Florida that offer both; your doctor will also tell you if you are better off in an in-house facility rather than an outpatient care.

*Check out their facilities

This is very important especially when you have been advised to enrol in an in-house facility. Look for a medical clinic, medical facilities, in-house doctor and medical staff, amenities that you need for a comfortable stay (air conditioned rooms, private quarters, entertainment facilities, etc.), an in-house gym, a pool and so many more. Of course these facilities are not the only reason for your choice but would rather affect your choice since you would need to live in this center for several weeks or month.

*Mode of payment

In looking for the best addiction treatment centers in Florida, you also need to be certain the mode of payment that the center requires. This may either be self-payment, through private health insurance, state insurance or military insurance. It is important to know these so you can plan beforehand or contact your insurance provider if this service is covered by your plan.

*Contact information

Finally, you must get all the contact information of an addiction treatment center in Florida so you may contact the facility as soon as you can. List down their business name, location, website, phone number and the head or director of the facility; include the center’s day and night phone numbers as well.

Aside from this information, you may also look for the center’s rates since this may also help you decide on the most suitable addiction treatment center in Florida. The rates may or may not be advertised on the treatment center’s website.

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