Co-dependency Coach, Debbie Sherrick Interview


co-dependency coachListen as we interview Debbie Sherrick, a certified Holistic Health Counselor and co-dependency Life Coach teaching people how to unite mind, body and spirit for a successful healthy life style. Debbie was brought up in an abusive, alcoholic home in a little Indiana farm town. The oldest of four children, she learned to rescue, care take, enable, deny self, direct, and become a young adult at a very early age. Debbie has been teaching holistic wellness to those in recovery for 22 years. She has lead codependency groups at Trinity Church International and “Home safe” in Lake Worth Florida, and many local seminars.

Debbie explains how co-dependency is often rooted in childhood and how co-dependency can hurt the addict in your lives, despite your best intentions. She shares strategies to help you with your co-dependency issues and provides resources for mother’s of addicts who may be feeling guilty, overwhelmed and unable to let go and stop enabling their children. Click here to listen…



August 26, 2013 |

One thought on “Co-dependency Coach, Debbie Sherrick Interview

  1. Another addicts mom says:

    agree too many interruptions– from the “addicts mom” —her asking what it means to be “codependent” was a ridiculous interruption because Ms. Sherrick was explaining that in depth prior to being interrupted. The addicts mom turned it in to be all about her…blah, blah, blah…

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