Brain Chemistry and Addiction

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brain chemistry and addiction

Can restoring your child’s brain chemistry resolve their addiction? Could this be the answer you are looking for? In this interview with Dr. Charles Tracy Sands from Transformations Treatment Center in Delray Beach, Florida, we discuss an exciting new approach to addiction treatment. Dr. Sands explains how imbalances in brain chemistry cause addicts to self-medicate and by utilizing a holistic approach of nutrition and supplements, serotonin and dopamine levels can be naturally restored and end your child’s addiction. Dr. Sands website is at and he can be reached directly

Dr. Charles Tracy Sands is a Florida native, born in Fort Lauderdale and a graduate of Pompano Beach High School, where he received athletic honors in track and cross country. He completed his Doctorate in Chiropractic degree from Texas Chiropractic College in 1984. Immediately thereafter, he joined his father’s practice in Pompano Beach, Florida, which had been in existence since 1954. Dr. Sands has maintained a highly successful chiropractic, clinical nutrition and holistic practice for many years. His focus is on holistic addiction therapy, nutritional counseling, sports injuries of the spine and extremities, chronic pain conditions affecting the neck and back and chronic health conditions. Dr Sands is well versed in the holistic management of drug and alcohol addiction and has formulated several nutritional products designed specifically for individuals in recovery.

Dr. Sands is an influential speaker who has an avid interest in holistic healing. This has allowed him to lecture nationally and internationally on the value of good health, nutrition and the importance of these elements in relation to overall wellness.

Brain Chemistry and Addiction

September 25, 2013 |
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