Surviving the Holidays with an Addict

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How to set boundaries and resist temptation to enable your addicted loved one during the holiday season

The holidays are such an emotional time for the families of addicts and the temptation is so great to give in and enable your addict so that you and your family can have a “normal” holiday.

Unfortunately, giving in to your addict during the holiday can have serious and sometimes deadly consequences, with more overdoses/suicides occurring around the holidays–and at home. In this compelling interview with Robin Guterman, LCSW from F.A.R. of Boca, we explore tips and strategies for surviving the holidays without giving in to your addict’s demands, feelings of sadness, depression and helplessness that occur this time of year when dealing with an addictive loved one and how your addict’s behavior affects all members of the family during the holidays.

Robin Guterman is a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in family therapy and addiction recovery.Robin, originally from NY, has worked in the addiction field for over 20 years.. She has been a therapist and clinical director in some of the most successful treatment centers in the country. She has implemented family programs into treatment centers and believes that the entire family system needs to change for successful recovery to occur.. Presently working in private practice, Robin’s passion is in helping the families dealing with the impact of addiction on their lives. To contact Robin Guterman, please call : 561 235 2292 or visit her website at:

November 22, 2013 |
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